Secure Communication for Critical Infrastructure

Company and Solution at a Glance

RADiFlow is a RAD group company founded in 2009.

RadiflowRADiFlow provides secure communication solutions for critical infrastructure utilities with distributeddeployments inlcuding Electricity Smart-Grid, Smart-City/Safe-City, Oil & Gas and Intelligent Transportation.

Customer Challengess

IP networking is rapidly becoming the preferred infrastructure for modern utility deployments. This trend exposes the critical operational assets to cyber security threats without proper handling by the end-devices and the automation protocols (i.e. SCADA).

Typical security solutions focus on securing the interfaces between the private operational network and external entities. However in a large-scale distributed automated network the risk of an insider attack is more significant – An attacker can gain access to the internal network in one remote site and manipulate the behavior of devices in other remote sites via the internal network (e.g. the Stuxnet scenario).

Our Value Proposition

RADiFlow provides a security IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) solution optimized for large-scale distributed automation applications. This solution is based on a service-aware firewall integrated into ruggedized access switches.

The distributed firewalls perform online role-based validation of every SCADA session in the network edges where the automation devices are connected. The distributed online validation is complemented by a central software tool with network-wide event correlation logic, provisioning of security profiles and incident management capabilities.

Our integrated architecture enables an efficient deployment of the SCADA security in each access point of the network without an additional layer of security appliances. The combination of a service-aware validation performed at each access point with the central event correlation logic, ensures that any abnormal activity in the internal SCADA network is detected and blocked.

This unique strict yet cost-effective solution provided a very attractive risk mitigation cost-performance. As the awareness for cyber security threats in critical infrastructure applications grows it is expected that such security measures will be enforced through regulations and direct and indirect monetary stimulations such as insurance rates classifications.

Global Deployment experience

RADiFlow launched its solution to the market by end of 2011 and had multiple commercial deployments in 2012.

Main deployments of RADiFlow solutions are in Power utilities and Transportation Operators in Europe. Recently there were also several deployments in North-Amesrica, Latin-America and Asia.

For more information, visit www.radiflow.com

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